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Here you'll find all sorts of videos and articles about interesting people, places and organizations in Toronto. Plus, we share some thoughts and insights about corporate video production.

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How To Make Your Logo Look Good

A corporate video will often use company branding on the title slate, for lower third name identifiers and so on, so a very common request from your production company will be "Can we get a copy of your logo?"

And a very common response is "Just pull it off our website."

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Toronto Wildlife Centre's Wildlife Rehabilitation Program

Nathalie Karvonen, Executive Director of Toronto Wildlife Centre discusses the Centre's wildlife rehabilitation program and shares insights about the diversity of wildlife in Toronto.

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Bryan Purcell

Energy Reporting Requirements: A Low-Carbon Policy Priority For Toronto

Bryan Purcell, Program Director for the Toronto Atmospheric Fund provides an overview of energy reporting policies and discusses how they could be implemented in Toronto.

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Jenna Bentley

Summerhill: Helping Consumers Achieve Measurable Energy Savings

Jenna Bentley, Program Director of Summerhill, explains how Summerhill assists retailers and other groups to help consumers achieve measurable energy savings.

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