Corporate Video Production 101

Corporate Video Production 101

Demystify corporate video production and get the most out of your video experience with us!

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How Long Should My Video Be?

Blame mobile devices, music videos, and the Internet. Our attention spans are devolving to those of goldfish, which means few people want to sit through a fifteen minute company overview.

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Tips For Your Script

In most cases, from Hollywood to corporate video, it starts with the script. This will form the backbone of your video, and outline the points you want to get across.

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How To Make Your Logo Look Good

A corporate video will often use company branding on the title slate, for lower third name identifiers and so on, so a very common request from your production company will be "Can we get a copy of your logo?"

And a very common response is "Just pull it off our website."

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Can You Edit That Guy Out?

Several years ago, one of our clients didn't like the fact that another executive who was no longer with the company was in a shot.  "You guys can just edit him out, right?" he assumed.

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How To Review A Rough Cut

"Rough cut" is more a film term, but it serves as a good descriptor here:  the fully-produced video that the video production company sends back to you, the client, for final review.

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