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How To Review A Rough Cut

"Rough cut" is more a film term, but it serves as a good descriptor here:  the fully-produced video that the video production company sends back to you, the client, for final review.

If proper pre-production was followed, and most of those elements were in place (script, storyboard, etc.) then chances are the rough cut you get for review will be pretty close to what you originally envisioned.

In our experience, you may be good to go and put it out into the World.  If not, you're probably 90% there, and all that is needed now is some minor tweaks. What's important here is that whoever has signing authority on the project reviews it, and ideally, the list of changes and tweaks is collated from all stakeholders and presented in a cohesive document.  17 emails from various departments and executives' assistants turn into an organizational nightmare, and will often be diametrically opposite suggestions:  "Lose the gorilla!" on one side, and "We need more gorillas!" on the other.

Corporate Video Production Takeaway: have the project lead discuss the project with relevant stakeholders, and assemble the information in one document for reply to the production company.

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