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Can You Edit That Guy Out?

Several years ago, one of our clients didn't like the fact that another executive who was no longer with the company was in a shot.  "You guys can just edit him out, right?" he assumed.

Depends.  If it's a short instance of someone in the background in a crowd of people, sure, the editor can apply an effect that would blur out his facial features and it might go unnoticed.  However, it's more likely that the moving blur atop some business suit will actually draw the viewer's attention (Hey, isn't that Bob who was let go?) Short answer: it's doable, but not usually recommended.  Even further up the scale of Try To Avoid This is when the unwanted subject is sitting next to the CEO on the panel and we're being asked to remove him entirely or replace him with someone else.  Not really doable unless you have some serious George Lucas budget.  In some cases, we can crop somebody out, but it's usually noticeable.

Corporate Video Production Takeaway:  Blurring out a logo or a part of the frame, especially if static, is doable, but moving objects take time and money.

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