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How To Make Your Logo Look Good

A corporate video will often use company branding on the title slate, for lower third name identifiers and so on, so a very common request from your production company will be "Can we get a copy of your logo?"

And a very common response is "Just pull it off our website."

We can do this, and sometimes this will work. But this usually means a small file size, which will work on a small laptop screen playing a YouTube video, or on a mobile device. But what happens when the CEO wants to play that video on a large screen in a boardroom, or project it on a very large screen at the AGM or Big Company Event of The Year? The rest of your video will look fine, as it would likely have been shot in High Definition or possibly even 4K, but that 136kb file is going to look like a big, blurry blob.

Talk to your graphics department, your IT guy, or somebody in marketing. Take the time to get us a proper hi-resolution file. Ideally, this is an Adobe Illustrator file (file extension .ai); an Adobe Photoshop file (file extension .psd) even a hi-res jpeg.

Corporate Video Production Takeaway: 136kb just won't cut it. Use high-resolution logos.

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