script for a corporate video

Tips For Your Script

In most cases, from Hollywood to corporate video, it starts with the script. This will form the backbone of your video, and outline the points you want to get across.

Do this early in the process, perhaps even before you hire your production company, as showing us even a rough script will allow a finer idea of budget, and a better overall sense of the project. Start with your message points, and have your writer flesh it out. If you don't have a decent writer on staff, consider hiring a professional. When done, ensure it is reviewed multiple times including by your production company. Once it is completed, we consider that script "locked".

When a script is locked, it means that's what will be recorded. Changes after this would incur a re-recording or a re-shoot. That means more money. It also may not be as simple as just changing one little word, as the pacing and structure of the video is based on the script, so adding that "one little extra paragraph" that Marketing sent over at the last second could mean the cameraman or editor needs to illustrate that concept somehow and you may not have the time or the budget to get that coverage.

Corporate Video Production Takeaway: Ensure all relevant parties have signed off on the script before it is locked.

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