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How Long Should My Video Be?

Blame mobile devices, music videos, and the Internet. Our attention spans are devolving to those of goldfish, which means few people want to sit through a fifteen minute company overview.

Unless you are putting together a training video, with very specific "Tab A into Slot B" directions, you want to keep it short. Short means 3-5 minutes, and the 5 is stretching it. People simply tune out. Many people will check the duration of a video and if too long, not bother with the time investment. There are exceptions such as the training video example, and content marketing videos which are a different breed entirely we'll talk about in another post, but in general, shorter is better. Come up with your few and most important message points, write a nice, tight script...and get it done in less than 5 minutes.

Corporate Video Production Takeaway: Keep it short for a better impact!

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